About us

Founded 2000, Vella Conseil is a recruitment agency for Top Managers in Specialized Retail, Fashion, Beauty, and Luxury.

Active player for more than 15 years of experience in fashion and cosmetology sectors, Jean-Paul Vella acquired expertise in Specialized Retail and Retail. He assists shareholders, brand or logo owners to recrute their Chief Executive Officer as well as assist this latter after to recruit new members of Executive Commitee whenever is necessary.

Continuous competitive intelligence in the Specialized Retail environement allows Jean Paul Vella, a highly experience professional with a psychologist degree to respond rapidly in the processing of assignments or any missions related therein.

Vella Conseil also assists his clients to recruit higly specialized executives within these above sectors such as sales, design, collectionning, supply and marketing.



Vella Conseil is a small structure which facilitates a personalized service. We prefer quality to quantity. Due to our large data base we can multiply the contacts between clients and potential candidates without breaking any ethical values or limiting our geographical research area. It is important to respect previous recruitments with other clients and at the same time not limit the geographical research area.
Vella Conseil shall not :

  • Use any confidential information whether from his clients or the potential candidate for any other reason rather than the scope of the assignment.
  • Contact any client’s executive within 2 years after the last invoicing between the client and Vella Conseil.
  • To propose any new employment offer to all executive team that were recruited by Vella Conseil as long as they remain in the client’s company.
  • All of our research are made in an exclusive basis.
Methods & deadlines

Gathering information concerning the scope of the job with the Client.
Implementation of a research strategy including assistance to define the target companies.
Identification of the best candidates by using several research tools : vaste internal date base, social networks such as Linkedin, Video and other candidate data base, management schools data base…
Direct approach of the potential candidate and a first assessment regarding the his/her skills and level of remuneration by a research consultant.
A depth meeting with the Head of the Office in order precise the outline of the position, potential drawbacks and where the Head of the Office will verify the candidate’s skills, his/hers motivation for the job as well as ensure that the candidate will adapt to the company’s culture and to his/her future senior manager.
Preparation of a full file of all the approved candidates for a meeting with the client and set up of a report concerning the candidate verified professional references.
Assistance to select the candidate and to negotiate the wage conditions.
Follow-up of the candidate within the phase of integration ;

Deadline :The missions are completed within 4 up to 6 weeks according to processus approved by weekly conference calls with the client and followed by a written progress report.


Our fees are fixed and not indexed according to the salary of the candidate. They are calculated according to the level of difficulty of the research.

Payment of the fees are divided into 3 parties.
- 1/3 upon signature of the contract in order to cover the research fees.
- 1/3 at the first meeting between the client and the candidates previously accepted by this later.
- 1/3 upon the signature of the hiring letter

All contracts include a warranty clause to restart the mission without any supplemental fee in case there is any problem with the candidate during the 6 month probation period.



Jean-Paul Vella
75 boulevard haussmann, 75008 Paris
Tél. 01 42 68 52 92
Email : info@vella-conseil.com